We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and accounting executives with many years of experience in our respective fields.

We are enthusiastic about the potential of the various modes of interconnectivity to maximize human participation. We focus on leveraging synergies of people to make helping each other a well managed commodity. We created this platform to continue the innovation in the way people find and receive professional help. Thanks for visiting our site. We are looking forward to your participation!

How the idea occurred?


It all started with the pain of finding the right tax or accounting advisors. Looking for such help on the internet is an uphill battle. The traditional options are to Google local or specialty firms, then contact each of them to set up appointments and find out about pricing as well as their availability to help.


A sequence of communications follows, either on the phone, in person or via email exchanges. Sometimes, if a particular professional who specializes in the requisite area moves on or retires or the firm is out of business or is sold to someone else, the whole thing would need to start again.


The websites that have accountants and tax advisors as part of them are not exclusive to this profession. Moreover, they charge professionals to be on the network or even insert themselves between the clients and service providers, taking a fee for the services. The professionals may not be verified.


How could we reduce the hassle? How to attract high quality professionals to join the network and encourage their participation? How to find a bee line to the professionals capable and available to help?

Our Mission

We aim to connect individuals and businesses to tax and accounting professionals.

We make the search process streamlined and simple while respecting the privacy of all the parties involved. It is completely free to post a project on iFindTaxpro.com. Here, the professionals are encouraged to offer the usual comfortable pricing they can work with in the long run along with the reasonable time availability. There is no pressure on professionals to give their lowest possible rates.

Our optional online communication platform(OCP) makes the onboarding process, follow ups, team views, and collaborations extremely easy. Signing agreements and invoicing can be done right from there. It is a mini office for a professional ready to be fully utilized.

As more specialists join this free marketplace, better accounting and tax services can be provided to the public.

Our Mission

This is just the beginning. We are looking to become a go to place for finding tax and accounting help.

The immediate plans include exploring how the metaverse could add to the dimensions of this client-professional network. We aim to collaborate with online solutions that can help in bringing the most innovative and successful options to our users. All the participants on iFindTaxpro.com marketplace become our valued partners as we embark together on this amazing journey.

Here is the four-leaf clover to everyone!

Have a question? check these answers.

NO, We do not charge any fee. iFindTaxpro is a completely free marketplace where you can connect with verified tax professionals, accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers and tax attorneys.  

Once you create your profile by signing up with iFindTaxpro, go to the my Account icon and select Professional Profile. Fill out all mandatory details and add your hourly rate for the services you offer. Once done, click 'Send to Approve'.

Our team will go through your submitted details and call you to confirm all given information is correct and do backend verification from available sources. Once you are verified, you can start reviewing and applying for projects.

At iFindTaxPro, we do not take responsibility for submission deadlines. In case of doubt,
you can use our proprietary communication tool, OCP to safely contact your project owner and discuss the deadline extension.

At iFindTaxpro, we do not take responsibility for submission deadlines. Use our proprietary communication tool, OCP to safely contact the professional you hired and discuss the deadline extension.

 If unsatisfied, you can disconnect them from further participation in your affairs.

You can use our proprietary communication tool to safely connect with in-demand accountants, CPAs, and tax attorneys. With this app, we provide an ideal environment for productive collaboration.

Professionals can generate invoices on our platform. You can directly make payments to the professional using your preferred payment method.

YES, all accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and tax attorneys on iFindTaxPro platform are verified by our team of experts.

Click on Sign up


Step 1: On the iFindTaxPro homepage, click on the “Post a Job” button. 

Step 2: It will open a form. Fill the form with your email address, your project heading (Entity) in short, and project description (Entity Description).

Step 3: Check on The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy boxes.

Step 4: Click on “Submit”. 

On your Entities Dashboard, click on the + or expand sign. This will open the details of your job posting. Once your job posting is verified and activated, you can modify it.

Here, you can add a sub-user, advisor, auditor, and external professional.

We take 24-36 hours to verify and activate any job post.