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Exhibit 4 – State Sales Tax Nexus Chart

Receipts Threshold Transactions Threshold Evaluation period: Includable Sales (Gross, Retail, or Taxable) When You Need to Register Once You Exceed the Threshold Alabama AND municipalities 250000 Threshold applies to sales from the previous calendar year Retail sales. Marketplace sales excluded

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Exhibit 2 – Investor Tax Outcomes Table

Start Up Investor Tax Outcomes Tables US Start-Up Stock or SAFE Note US Residents US Non-residents Types of income Conditions Tax outcomes Tax outcomes Gains on sale Short term Held for one year or less Up to 40.8% No income/tax

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US Tax And Filings For Non-Residents

When a person is not a U.S. resident or files a tax form to claim their non-residency, they need to pay tax only on the income from U.S. sources. Therefore, the first order of business would be to determine which

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US Filings For Residents

Residents report their worldwide income and file various forms regarding their foreign asset ownership and income. The tax calculation in the earlier chapters describes how a resident would calculate their tax for the year. Here we emphasize the importance of

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Determine If You Are A Resident Alien

If you are an alien (not a U.S. citizen), you are considered a non-resident alien unless you meet one of two tests: the (a) green card test or (b) the substantial presence test for the calendar year (January 1 –

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State Taxes

Most states have income taxes that feature varying levels of conformity with the Federal rules. For example, the tax liability in California is calculated similarly to the Federal. There are some differences that change every year. The tax rate on

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Using the Best Tax Strategy for Film Production Companies

Expert Guidance on Tax Planning for Film Production Businesses: Credits, Deductions, and Compliance Filmmaking involves creating interesting financial returns in the enchanting world that revolves around the movie industry. Of course, it is enticing to make fascinating movies but comprehending

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Taxation of Stock Options and Stock Grants

Stock Options in General If you receive an option to buy stock, you may have to recognize income and pay taxes when you exercise the option or dispose of the stock received on the exercise of the option. There are

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Common Tax Credits

Before the actual amount of tax to be paid is determined, various direct offsets to tax liability are taken. Such “direct offsets” are called “tax credits.” The credits are dollar-for dollar-reductions of the tax liability. Credits are usually calculated based

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