IRS Announces Plan to Improve Taxpayer Service and Enforcement

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IRS Announces Plan to Improve Taxpayer Service and Enforcement

A Look at the IRS’s Goals for the Next Decade and the Challenges It Faces.

The IRS has announced a new strategic operating plan aimed at transforming the tax agency and improving service to tax payers and the nation during the next decade. IRS developed the plan after the Inflation Reduction Act provided an extra $79.6 billion beyond its usual appropriations. The IRS will allocate resources to improve customer service, tackle noncompliance, and update technology and security systems.

The strategy delineates five principal goals targeted towards making the services simpler and more efficient. Addressing tax payer problems, taking stern measures against affluent tax evaders, providing advanced technology, and drawing in a capable and diverse workforce. The IRS aims to enhance the tax payer experience, which has suffered from long wait times and unprocessed returns.

Despite the promising goals of the plan, the IRS still faces significant staffing shortages and outdated technology and IT systems. Furthermore, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently reported that the agency uses hundreds of applications, software, and hardware systems that are outdated or written in a programming language that is no longer used. In addition, according to IRS officials, the 60-year-old systems won’t be fully replaced until 2030.

Therefore, the IRS will need some time to fully implement the improvements and for tax payers to experience their benefits. The IRS now has an opportunity to revamp operations and provide the public with the deserved support through long-term funding and strategic planning.

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