Werfel’s nomination approved by Senate Committee to lead the IRS.

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Werfel’s nomination approved by Senate Committee to lead the IRS.

The committee approve his nomination with a 17-9 bipartisan vote. His confirmation will now be a vote on by the entire Senate.

The nomination of Danny Werfel to lead the IRS was approved on Thursday by a vote of 17 to 9 in the Senate Finance Committee. A full vote by the Senate, which has not yet been scheduled, will be the next step in the confirmation process.

All 14 Democrats on the committee, as well as Republican senators Chuck Grassley (IA), Bill Cassidy (LA), and Todd Young (IN), supported President Joe Biden’s candidate for IRS Commissioner in the bipartisan vote.

Since two senators are currently in the hospital, Democratic leadership may delay a vote until their entire body is present. Despite the fact that the Democrats currently hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate. Late February saw the admission of John Fetterman, who continued recovering from a stroke during the 2022 election campaign. On Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was admitting after developing shingles. If elected, Werfel would succeed Charles Rettig, whose term would end in November 2022. Werfel’s term would end on November 12, 2027.

Ron Wyden, chairman of the committee (D-OR), stated, “He’s going to do this job consistent with the law. He made it clear he’s going to work with both sides of this committee.”

In 2013, Werfel was the IRS’s acting commissioner and has worked there in other capacities under Democratic and Republican administrations. Additionally, he held positions as federal controller and deputy controller in the United States Office of Management and Budget. Since then, he has served in a position of authority at the administration counseling firm Boston Counseling Gathering.

By a vote of 17 to 9, the Finance Committee also approved Dr. Brent Neiman’s nomination for Assistant Treasury Secretary for International Finance. And Dr. Rebecca Haffajee’s nomination for HHS Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation by a vote of 14 to 12.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated in February that she supports President Biden’s intent to nominate Daniel Werfel to serve as the next commissioner of the IRS. As, Danny is uniquely qualified to lead the agency at this crucial juncture. Due to his extensive management experience, extensive service under Democratic and Republican administrations, and leadership of significant transformation efforts.

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[…] The committee approved his nomination with a 17-9 bipartisan vote. His confirmation will now be voted on by the entire Senate.  […]

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