Unenrolled Preparers (PTIN Holders)

Unenrolled preparers can opt into the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). The AFSP provides tax practitioners who meet the standards with limited representation rights. Participants in the AFSP earn a completion certificate that permits them to represent clients in front of IRS customer service workers (not collections or appeals officials) for taxpayers whose returns they prepared. Each year, AFSP participants must pass a 100-question basic knowledge test, receive a certain number of continuing education credits, and agree to follow Treasury Circular 230 (whose requirements govern enrolled preparers). Unenrolled preparers with merely a PTIN and no AFSP participation are not even permitted to write a letter for you, even if they prepared your return. Some may do that, but they operate outside their authority. The IRS provides the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers, which allows taxpayers to search for a tax professional by name or region and includes qualifications, including those who participate in the AFSP.

Many tax practices (both independent and franchised) employ more than one sort of tax preparer. You should always select a tax professional based on your needs, but it is occasionally OK to select a less experienced preparer if they have access to a more experienced person in the office (and you feel confident that they can recognize when they need help and that they will get it when they need it). It’s also vital to note that credentials don’t always imply competency.

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