Exhibit 2 – Investor Tax Outcomes Table

Start Up Investor Tax Outcomes Tables

US Start-Up Stock or SAFE Note

US Residents US Non-residents

Types of income Conditions Tax outcomes Tax outcomes

Gains on sale

Short term Held for one year or less Up to 40.8% No income/tax

Long term Held for one year and one day 0/15/18.8/23.8% No income/tax

QSBS 1202 Held for five years and one day No Federal Level tax No income/tax

on up to $10mil income 

or 10x basis per issuer per investor

Rollover stock 1045 Held for six months and No Federal Level Tax if No income/tax

one day    proceeds reinvested to

another US corporation within 60 days

Losses on sale

Long/short term The term depends on the Loss is realized No Deduction/credit

holding period- at or under security id sold

one year, or over or becomes worthless

Ordinary loss 1244 If invested within the Up to $50/$100k per No Deduction/credit

First $ 1 mil year per investor


Qualified Held for 60+1 days 0/15/188/23.8% N/A

Non qualified Held for 60days or less Up to 40.8% N/A

Treaty unavailable Investors is not a resident of a Not applicable 30%

treaty country

Treaty available Investor is a resident of a Not applicable Treaty rate from zero to treaty country, the entity is an 25%

LP, or if the entity is a USLLC, 

then income inclusion in the

home country is necessary

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